Vegas & The Grand Canyon

Christopher has a new job!!

His training is over and he is moving to Jacksonville, FL. To start his new job programming for Guidewell.

Because his time is limited, I flew back to California picked up his car, filled it with his belongings and started driving East.

He broke free two days ago and we figured that Las Vegas would be a good meeting spot.

We figured correctly, and he waited only six minutes at the curb before I drove up and picked him up!

After a bit of fun that night in Las Vegas we were off.

First stop was the Grand Canyon on a beautiful day. We were both stunned by the canyon itself. It is huge in every way and stunningly beautiful.

We followed the canyon up with some serious driving and some seven hours later found ourselves in Albuquerque, NM.

Today will be the first of two days dominated by crossing Texas…

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  1. Good for Christopher! And he’s only a 4 hour drive from us.

    Lyn Comfort
    Cell: (401) 862-8796
    SC: (843) 886-5482
    RI: (401) 847-3261

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