Abort, Abort!!

Sort of a wasted day here onboard Morpheus today.  We along with our friend Pete on Bounty wanted to leave Antigua and head on over to Barbuda for a few days.  We’d visited Barbuda last year and it’s just an amazing unspoiled place that happens to have some of the best kitesurfing around.

There is a multi mile long fine pink sand beach there called Princess Diana beach because she used to love vacationing there with her boys.  It’s easy to see why.


The tradewinds are and have been blowing 20 knots plus for the past week, and today looked like our best shot at making the 30 mile reach from the corner of Antigua to our desired anchorage.

Our two boats left the harbor here at Green Island at 11am and once we began to lose the protection of the fringing reef here we slowly realized that it would not be an enjoyable trip.  The swells and waves have built up some real mountains of water out there.

Anyway, long story shore.  We turned around and now are once again anchored and happy at Green Island, Antigua.

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