“Less Than Perfect”

Well, after weather delays, a change in destination and losing most of my crew, Morpheus has arrived in Bermuda.  Both Morpheus and those onboard arrived in one piece.

There was some drama during the trip as our forecasted 28-30 knots turned into 35 with guest to 47 knots for 30+ hours.  We spent those hours under “bare poles” (no sails) running downwind directly at Bermuda.  Surprisingly, we continued to move along at a comfortable 6-7 knots!!

The autopilot owned the max. speed contest with a top speed of 18.1 knots in a puff of 35+ knots.  That was the point that we decided that perhaps we should slow down!!

Anyway, we are here back in shorts and flip flops and have left the cold, rain, sleet, and snow of the Northeast behind us!!  Yahoo!!

Some video below.  I don’t know why, but cameras always make the waves look like nothing.  The word “nothing” is NOT what I would use to describe the huge mountains of water that were rolling past us all day and night.

I love my autopilot!!!

Thank you Doug Jorgensen for sticking with me and making the trip!!!

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