Newport to Rye – Singlehanded

Well, Deb is home getting our house re-rented (I hope) and it’s time for the annual American Yacht Club Fall Series Regatta.  We have planned all Summer to visit western Long Island Sound but just haven’t managed to get our act together.

The Regatta is great motivation as it will bring many of our friends all to one place where it will be easy to see and catch up with folks that we’ve not seen now for a few years.  Who knows maybe I’ll even find a ride, since as we all know Deb’s rule is “Don’t race the house!”.

I left Newport yesterday in less than perfect conditions and sailed all day upwind.  Not a ton of fun but it was time to make progress.  A front was forecast to pass over my area in the early evening and my goal was to be anchored before that happened.

At about 3:30pm, I got a call from Gibb Kane saying that they were experiencing torrential rains.  He wasn’t sure if it was a “wind event” but he was pretty impressed by the amount of rain and warned me to be careful.

About thirty minutes later, some very dark clouds rose over the western horizon and were clearly heading my way.  I had two more hours of sailing left to reach my initial destination.  Once I saw those clouds I decided to pull a u-turn and make tracks at top speed back to Fishers Island which I had passed about 45 minutes earlier.

Good thing too!!  The rain started about ten minutes after my anchor hit the bottom and the front and its 35+ knot winds were just behind.

Better safe than sorry!

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