Moore’s Law – “Always Sail On Other Peoples Boats”

Rob Moore not Gordon Moore!  This post has nothing to do with the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years!

Deb and I enjoyed leaving Morpheus at a dock for a week and jumped onboard John and Susu Callahan’s brand new Beneteau 54 “Epique” for a tour of Newport and Martha’s Vineyard.

It was their first week “cruising” onboard the new yacht and what a yacht it is!!  It is BIG!  We think the living area below has twice the square footage that we have on Morpheus.  Epique while only 4 feet longer than Morpheus is much wider and she has at least an extra foot of freeboard as well.  We were cruising in the lap of luxury!  Air conditioning, ice maker, bow thruster, generator, day lounges on either side of the companionway.  Very very nice!!

Here are a few photos from that trip…



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