St. Martin to Bermuda

Sometimes you are lucky and get what you asked for.  I asked for a boring passage to Bermuda and that is exactly what I got.

4 days and a few hours, 850nm, and winds that averaged in the low teens off the starboard beam.  Super easy sailing (and sleeping) but not much else.

Other than one squall that lasted less time than it takes to put your lifejackets on, and the usual collection of Kamikaze Flying Fish on deck each morning we didn’t have any excitement and that is just fine by me!!

At one point, I found the crew all sort of staring into space with seemingly nothing to do and I started to get worried for them.  So, I shuffled the watch times a bit to give them something to think about and declared a movie night below in the main salon to watch the James Bond film of their choice.  This seemed to have the desired affect and they were far more engaged for the last two days of our (boring) passage.

Some photos from the trip follow

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