1. Jim, my name is Len Teasley, a member of Richmond YC. In fact, we own a home on the northeast corner of Spain, and we had hoped to meet you guys a couple of years back when Torben and Judy visited us there, but it didn’t work out.

    Anyway, my wife, Irene, and I sailed our boat from San Francisco to Spain many years ago and have been going over annually. We would enjoy meeting you guys when you are ever here at the Club in Richmond– maybe even swapping a few sailing stories! Would appreciate hearing from you. Or at least being put on your list of people receiving your “Updates”. Thanks. Len Teasley

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    1. Len – it’s too bad that we missed each other in Spain. Loved it there. I would not be surprised to see us follow your lead and buy a place there in the future. I will reach out to you on our next trip to the Bay Area. Wish I knew when that will happen, but our future “plan” is all in pencil at this point. To get our blog updates by email there is a box to click on when you scroll down the right side of the page at http://www.morpheussailing.wordpress.com

      We will try to post something interesting from time to time! See you soon.


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