Cheeseburgers in Paradise

So close and yet so far…

Bucket Regatta 2019

Did I mention that Jimmy Buffett was in St. Barths a couple of weeks ago during the bucket regatta??

We were in town just prior to the regatta, but missed the main event.


Buffets Boat

Did I mention that he had his new sailboat delivered prior to the regatta so that he could spectate in style?

Not really my style, but horses for courses I guess.



Did I mention that St. Barths is the home of “Le Select”, the bar he made famous via his song “Cheeseburger in Paradise”.

No word on whether or not he visited “Le Select” but we did!

Baz Bar

And finally, did I mention that he stepped in to play a few of his crowd favorite songs at the “Baz Bar” right on the waterfront in Gustavia harbor??

No, I probably didn’t mention that because it was two days AFTER we left and we were not there to see it!!!

At least the cheeseburgers were good…

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