Travels with Bob

The worst thing about traveling full time and spending time away from “home” is that you miss spending time with family and friends.  So, it was great when my brother Bob contacted us to let us know that he was interested in joining us for a couple of weeks.

We went back and forth over a few weeks talking about alternative plans, arrival dates and locations, and departure arrangements.

In the end, a great plan just fell into place.  Bob’s arrival date was just a week after the finish of the Caribbean 600.  That made Antigua the perfect meeting spot.  He had two weeks so we decided to take him first to Barbuda (my new favorite spot), and then St. Barths for the lead up to the Bucket Regatta, then St. Martin for the kickoff of their festival season, before a long upwind overnight back to Antigua and the plane that would take him on the first leg of his homeward journey.

Deb and I really enjoyed having him with us and he’ll be back in just a few weeks to help us sail the boat North to Bermuda and then Newport, RI.

We packed alot into two weeks. Had a great time.  Come back soon Bob!!

Below are some pictures from his visit…  



St. Barths

St. Martin

St. Barths Bucket Regatta Tune-Up Day

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