Stowaways & Ghost Ships

After multiple delays, we are finally off on the first leg of our adventure of leaving the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. First stop, Jim’s favorite Balearic island, Formentera.

We left Badalona in pretty clear s skies after 2 days of lightning, thunder, wind and rain. A lot of rain. Mallorca, also one of our favorite Balearic Islands, got pummeled by the storm, causing huge amounts of damage. The wind from this storm also blew a ton of birds out to sea, resulting in us picking up at least 10 little hitchhikers.

We managed to dodge one big lightning squall last night, but once we got in front of it, it was a beautiful clear starry night, with no moon. This means it was very dark on the water. Kinda like the Titanic conditions, but not cold. So, 3:30 am, I’m on watch, and I am paying attention, watching AIS and our brand new super cool radar, when 50 feet away, a sail boat with both sail up in 3 knots of wind and absolutely NO LIGHTS ON, floats by. No people on deck, no sound. Either it was an abandoned boat, or the people were below sleeping. That scared the bageebers out of me.

We arrived safely here in Formentera early this morning. Land Ho!



  1. On a trip south with BOUNTY, we were well off-shore when a “land-bird” tried to rest in the rigging. Made multiple attempts to land on top spreader but could never grab hold. I always wondered what happened to the bird. I enjoy your blog!


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