No people or animals were injured during filming of this post!

Ominous title….

We are in Menorca (my favorite Balearic Island) with Ann and Peter Lester, who happen to be in town prior to a hiking vacation on the Spanish/French border. We sailed overnight from Formentera (Jim’s favorite Balearic Island) a couple nights ago so we could go to the Féria de Gràcia. It’s a great party, with fire, fireworks, gigantes (giants), polmadas (gin slurpys), churros, and Minorcan HORSES!!!! These are the horses that rear and everyone tries to put their hands on the horses heart/girth area. An amazing party.

The crowd was “HUGE” by any sane persons definition and well behaved despite all the gin. The music pouring out of the bars and houses was amazing. Old ladies leaning out their windows gossiping with the people on the street. Garages open with BBQs and bars set up. Gigantes dancing to their own oompa bands, And about 40 beautiful, black Minorcan stallions, (with an occasional Grey or Chestnut mixed in), parading through the streets, going from a piaffe to passage and into a courbette or mezair. Amazing to watch.

I got lots of great photos and video, and happened to catch one horse who’s hind feet slipped out from under him so he went down. He got right back up and was fine, and the rider got up and was fine too. Most of the streets the horses perform on have been covered in sand, but these horses also all wear rubber horse shoes so they have traction on the streets.

Back to Barcelona tomorrow!



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