Ibiza is shakin….

Jim and I have been floating around the Balearic Islands for the past week or so, taking some much deserved down time. It has been beautiful, HOT, a bit of wind, and Jim fixed the refrig, so we have cold beer! Nothing to complain about.

But, “Relaxing” is not the correct word for cruising. The very first night out, as per usual, right at sunset, a boat came in and anchored right on top of us. So, rather than get them to move, we just re-anchored, in the dark. A few days ago we were anchored in a nice little cove (Calla Xacarra) on Ibiza, when a 30 knot squall came through and caused 1/3 of the boats in the cove to drag. We were fine, but it was exciting to watch the boats and the screaming, naked German paddle boarder float by. We stayed there for 2 days while the unsettled weather passed through, and now we are on the outskirts of Port Saint Antonio, on the far side of Ibiza, chillaxin’.

Jim took me out to dinner last night, and the best part was the belly dancer blowing kisses to the little girls watching, then the little girls blow kisses back. Too sweet!

More later,


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