The Planner

I love it when Mike Tye decides to visit.  He gets it.  We can’t tell you BOTH where and when we will be months, weeks, or sometimes even days in advance.  Weather, boat problems, etc.  You just need to be flexible.

So, when Mike said he was coming to visit shortly after I was scheduled to return and get Morpheus back in cruise mode, I was a bit concerned.  But, no need, Mike simply told me his plan.

I’m going to fly to Barcelona, from there I’ll find you, we’ll meet, and we’ll have fun!

Well, I can work with a plan like that!!

Mike didn’t have a ton of time.  I think he was here for 9 days, so it was a bit of a whirlwind tour.  I wanted to show him all of my favorite spots in Majorca/Ibiza.

We met in Palma, Majorca along with our friend Joe Hawkins daughter Anna who was in Europe enjoying a semester abroad.


From there, we were off to the West Coast of Ibiza

And, then my favorite spot in the Balearic’s – Formentera!!

The “plan” was to make a last stop in Ibiza Town to enjoy some of the famous nightlife, but unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse


But, hey Mike is one flexible guy.  No problem…within an hour or so he lined up a ferry to get him to Ibiza town and a room for the night that would allow him to make his early morning flight back to Barcelona and then home!

It was a simple plan.  “We’ll meet, and then we’ll have fun!!”

That we did!!

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