Super Yachts & Drones. Near Miss!

Gibb Kane brought his new drone with him last week and we had fantastic time flying all over Falmouth and English Harbors.  What a great way to get a new perspective on all the super yachts in town!

His drone is a DJI Mavic Pro, and is one impressive piece of engineering.  It is easy to fly, goes exactly where you tell it to go, and can automatically “return home” and land within inches of where it took off.

So there are very few excuses available for anyone that crashes (or nearly crashes) that drone.  And yet…

I managed to come very very close!!

I decided, in my infinite wisdom, that it would be great to film to the side while flying “blind” over the super yacht dock in front of our house.

Over Black Mast Dock
Proper Drone Altitude!

We were at 70+ feet above sea level, so I flew the drone up an additional 125 feet and without really doing the math figured all would be fine.

Some of the boats in front of us were well over 200 feet long.  If a general mast height is 1.3 X Boat Length, then I should have been AT LEAST 260 ft above the water.  Not 195!

Here’s what happened!!

And here is Gibb’s reaction!!

What were you thinking??

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