Those that are born to hang….

Whenever I want to deflect attention from myself, I can always say, “If you think I’m insane, just wait until you hear about my little brother…”

My brother Dan has decided to sail, single handed, From Ecuador to French Polynesia. That’s going to take about 3 weeks. By himself. Alone. The most gregarious guy I know. We thought he was going with 3 crew, one of whom was Jim,… then the number went down to 2 crew,… now we hear he’s going solo. It’s a good thing he’s 2,000 miles away from me. A little more notice for when you’re going to pull a stunt like this would be appreciated, Dan! It takes a while for us to get our heads around it!

He says he’s ready. He’s excited for the challenge. He’s buddy boating with another boat. He says he has done a lot of prep. And it is a passage that many people have successfully done solo. But Arrrrrg!!!!!

As Lois always said, especially with regards to Dan, “Those that are born to hang, don’t drown…” See you at Patrick’s wedding in July, Dan. Your room will be the one with a noose in it.

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