South Pacific Bound!


Here is another example proving, that if you don’t plan too much, you will still have time to enjoy a surprise or two!

When we left the boat last September, I had no idea that 2018 would include a two month trip to the the South Pacific and our son Patrick’s wedding!  Who knows what else is waiting out there for us?

Tomorrow, I fly South to Ecuador to meet up with Debbie’s brother Dan and help him sail his boat 3,600nm to the Marquesas and TuamotusInteresting tidbit – The Marquesas are farther from any continental landmass than any other islands in existence!

These are bucket list spots that we did not get to with Morpheus on our way home from New Zealand, so I am thrilled to have a second chance to visit them.

I’ve created a new menu entry at the top of this page to help anyone that might want to check on our progress.

If you click on the link for “Kini Popo” it will take you to a webpage that displays a map showing both our current position and a track of where we have been.


Click on any single position and you can view our speed and heading information.  I’m pretty sure you will also be able to send us a message from that page as well.

Note: our tracking device does occasionally run out of power and need to be recharged.  If you check our position and don’t see any current position reports this is probably NOT reason for concern.  I would worry much more if you check and see many updates all in the same spot!!

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