Pacific Destinations

Deb is happy visiting with her father in Hawaii. It looks to me like they are enjoying a bit of a flashback to times long ago where dad takes his girls out for ice cream. Lapperts ice cream from Hawaii is the best!!

And…following along with the Pacific theme, I’ve just signed on to help Debs brother Dan sail his boat to the Marquesas and Tuamotus. We leave from Ecuador on Feb 1st!!

The adventure continues…


  1. Looking forward to hearing how that trip goes cos Dan’s boat that same as our boat (well a bit newer) so if Dan can do it…… From there I presume Dan will just keep heading west so we will get to see him in our part of the world at some point??

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  2. I’ll try to pay attention and learn as much as I can about the boat. It’s a long leg, but its all downhill. With any luck by the time you are ready to do this leg, Deb and I will be sitting at home wondering what we are doing next. Perhaps we’ll join you for the crossing!!


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