13 is our lucky number!

Down Calif (13)Exactly seven years ago today, Deb and I cast off from the Richmond Yacht Club and began an adventure that continues to this day.

We had been shooting for a departure on 10/10/10, but ended up three days late and had to settle for passing the RYC breakwater at 10:10am.

As we left that day, neither of us had any idea regarding how long the trip would last.  I was thinking in terms of maybe three years, and I’m pretty sure Deb was thinking three weeks might be fine.

Seven years and counting!

16 countries, a Newport to Bermuda Race, a Block Island Race Week, two winters in the Caribbean, and four seasons in the Mediterranean later we are probably closer to the end than the beginning.

But, as my hero Capt. Ron would say, nobody knows…


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