Checking in from Palma, Mallorca


Well it’s September and like clockwork the weather has changed. Just like last year and the year before, perfect weather dominates from June through August. But, sometime early in September each year a thunderstorm makes its way across the western Med and it is like the opening of a floodgate that you just can not close.

We are once again in Palma, Mallorca. And, once again all of our casually assembled plans are being blow to hell.

The plan was to resupply in Palma before heading South over the next two weeks and ultimately ending up in Seville for an extended stay.

Now, instead Deb is flying home for an undetermined period of time to help sea with some real life family issues, while I work on a few projects safely docked (once again in Barcelona!) at Emv Marine.

Somehow, I will need to get the boat from Barcelona down to Gibraltar by mid October without Debbie. Should be interesting!!

No doubt, I will enjoy getting back to Barcelona, but this is not what we had in mind!!

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