Hands down – The Ugliest Boat in the Universe!

Imagine. You are a Russian industrialist. You've worked hard all of your life, you founded a bank when you were 21, more recently you are the head of several Russian energy companies.

Obviously you are very busy and one of the luckiest people in earth. So, you select a yacht designer, give him a $400,000,000 budget and say design & build me the biggest, coolest boat that money can buy.

A couple of years later, the designers and builders meet you in your office, put a blindfold on you and tell you it's time for the great unveiling. You are finally going to see the yacht of your dreams. One that will make all other yacht owners green with envy.

They drive you to the shipyard, park alongside a huge structure hidden under a giant canvas cover.

You are about to see what you imagine to be the greatest super yacht ever built.

3 – 2 – 1…..tada! Here it's is!!!

What are the first words out of your mouth??


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