Is it even possible to have $500,000 worth of fun in a week?

We are still anchored and riding out the current Mistral here in Sardinia.

We ARE in a very nice neighborhood with our closest neighbor being the 66 meter $70 million dollar super yacht Okto.

I encourage you to google "superyacht Okto" where among other things you will learn that, yes indeed,that really is a swimming pool built into the aft deck!

The pool is cool, but the most amazing thing that I've learned is that if you and up to ten of your friends wanted to charter her for a week the cost would be … wait for it … $575,000 plus expenses!!

Is it even possible to have that much fun in a week? I don't think so.

I think I would need to be put on a guest training program for months beforehand so others could teach me how it's done!!

PS. This Mistral is not showing signs of moving on, so we will be here for another day. Perhaps I'll need to pick another neighbor and do some more research.

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  1. Wow, for that price I would have assumed “expenses” were included. I guess the folks who would charter her have expensive tastes 🙂


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