Welcome Aboard Dave & Tara Rocklin

Dave and Tara

Dave and Tara Rocklin joined us for a few days at the end of their six week adventure in Europe.

It was great to reconnect with them.  We were all students at Berkeley during the late 70’s early 80’s.  Dave and I were members of the Chi Phi Fraternity, while Deb and Tara were Alpha Phi’s.  We are all irrational Cal Football fans…but agree that perhaps the good days are behind our team for awhile.

We spent two days exploring Palma, Mallorca and then another two off on the boat checking out the local anchorages and restaurants.  The weather did not cooperate and we had a couple of challenging nights at anchor.  They didn’t seem to mind.  There is the advantage of taking rookies on onboard.  They were great.  Enjoyed all the good stuff and ignored the challenges.

Dave & Tara – come back anytime!!

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