Es Trenc Beach – Ses Covetes, Mallorca

El Trenc 2 (14)After a few days at Cala Mondrago (see previous post) the ocean swells switched over and started rolling into the harbor at about 1am.  At that point, we had no option but to suffer through a really uncomfortable night and wait until sunrise.

That we did, but as soon as the sun poked its head up we were on deck and moving.

Sailing (2)

We spent a few hours working North looking for a nice place that would offer protection from the easterly swell but had no luck.

So, we turned around and headed South to the bottom of the island and ended up anchoring in perfectly calm waters over white sands in 17 feet of water.

Ses Covetes is a long narrow sandy beach that runs for miles on the southeast corner of Mallorca.  There are none of the usual hotels or resorts on this beach so you feel as though you are off in the wild somewhere.  Very nice!

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