Not Super Enough??

Horus Superyacht Cup Palma 2009

The nerve of some people!

Deb and I think that Morpheus is a pretty super boat, and we have plenty of friends that agree.  So when we heard that there was a Super Yacht Regatta going on in Palma, Mallorca this past weekend we knew where we had to be.

But, guess what.  Once we arrived, we learned that apparently we were “not super enough”!  Imagine that…

According to the Notice of Race, “The Superyacht Cup Palma is an invitational event. Entries will be accepted by the organizing authority on a first-come, first-served basis.”

We arrived early.  We waited.  But, our invite never arrived, and not only that, the yacht club put us on a dock not even associated with the event.  They didn’t even invite us to any of the social events.  We went anyway!

I don’t understand.

What do any of these boats have the Morpheus lacks???

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