Sometimes A Yuge Wall Is A Good Idea

We are “enjoying” the third day of our first Mediterranean winter storm and it has been a powerful one.

Three days of Northeasterly winds consistently in the 25-30 knot range, and seas that keep building by the hour.  Supposedly the storm will peak tonight (around midnight of course!) with winds gusting into the 40 plus knot range, and seas exceeding 15ft in height. I am glad to be “safely” tied up in the harbor.

When I first saw the scale and height of the seawall outside our marina, I thought to myself that it seemed a bit over done.  Not long afterwards someone told me that during the Winter there would be a few times when the seas broke over the wall.

I didn’t believe them.

Now I do!!



  1. Great vid. Interesting how the cap rail on that wall is ventilated. Must be a reason for that. Relieves pressure for sure. Also, the spar in the yard at the end is pretty impressive!


    1. You notice the little things. Well, I guess that mast is not little. Two of the boats here are Swan 90s. That belongs to one of them.


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