End with a flourish…

Our last evening with Patrick was spent in Zurich. After having sausages for dinner, we went to a really nice bar called the Old Crow for a couple nice drinks, then to the bar below our Air B&B called Alpli Bar….

Alpli Bar is famous for having live bands every evening where the audience/clientele can join in.  I don’t think I have laughed this hard in weeks.  We sat down for our final drink, and the bar tendress/Air B&B hostess Sutter served us a pitcher of “Alpli-Miltz”, the bar specialty, which is “not milk” and their own secret recipe.  It sort of tasted like a Gin Fizzz….  Sutter then ran over to the Accordian player, who promptly started playing I Left My Heart in San Fransisco”.  You haven’t lived until you’ve heard ILMH played badly on an accordion in Switzerland.  Then another accordian player joined in.  Then a piano player.  Then a woman with wooden spoons.  Then Patrick joins in.  It was like a flash mob.  I was dying.  My Dad would have loved it!


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