Well poop, and barf too….

Ita is a recidivist!   She is back in dog jail for the day.  Vet dog jail this time…  and it’s her own damn fault this time.  Damn Daschunds… stubborn, opinionated, piggy,quick as a whip…£%*>+>£<*}**££

We didn’t post about it at the time, but about a week ago, while Jim and I, Pat and Kelsey were in Zermont, we all came down with a WICKED case of food poisoning.  Yuck will be sufficient to cover those 36 hours. I guess Ita felt left out, so our last night in Vienna, during our evening walk, Ita found something “nummy” on the street and gobbled it down so fast I couldn’t get it out of her mouth before she swallowed it. “Grrrr…. O well”, I thought…

24 hours later I wake up to find a RETCHING dog next to me. Thanks to those finely honed mommy  reactions, the dog was out of the bed and over the toilet in a millisecond!  Disaster was adverted.  After a day and a half of nursing the dog, (why does shit like this always happen on a Saturday night or a holiday, after all Vets and businesses are closed), I took her to the Vet Monday am EARLY!   After X-rays (No Foriegn Objects, TG, so therefor no surgery) blood work (high RBC due to dehydration) IV of antibiotics, electrolytes, fluids, anti poop and barf meds, she is now back in my possession.  Just so you know, a person getting sick in Greece is about 25% the cost of a dog getting sick in Switzerland.   

Word to the wise.  Download Google Translate to your phones now.  These kinds of adventures would be impossible without it!

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