Zermatt, Switzerland


From Paris, we took the early morning train to Zermatt.  This was the first of several planned stops in the Alps.

We arrived late in the afternoon with only just enough daylight left to catch some photos of the famous Matterhorn.

We spent the next day exploring several stops along the Gornergrat railway that eventually took us to the top of the mountains overlooking both the town and the Matterhorn.

A perfect day in the mountains was followed by a nice evening in town, and a traditional Swiss meal of Raclette in a great little Swiss chalet.

Unfortunately for us, the fun came to an abrupt end at this point.

About one hour after dinner Kelsey was the first to fall ill, and within three hours Patrick and I followed. Food poisoning!!

Not fun, especially in a one bedroom apartment with only one very popular bathroom.

Only Debbie avoided full blown sickness and thank goodness for that. She was able to keep us together and deal with the logistics of extending our stay by a day while also canceling our reservations in the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

This was not the shared experience that any of us were looking forward to…

Today, 36+ hours later we have all recovered and are on our way to Innsbrook, Austria for what promises to be a great New Years Eve.

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