Babysitting in the BVI’s

For the past month or so, Debbie and I have been staying onboard our friend Gibb Kane’s beautiful Swan 66 “Bounty”.


Gibb tells us that he needed someone to watch his boat while his Captain spent some time (and Christmas) with his family in Canada.  I’m sure he knows that we are getting alot more out of this deal than he is.  It’s cold this time of year in Europe, and this is one of our favorite places!

We’ve spent enough time here over the past six years to have made friends with many of the folks that live and work nearby.  This place almost feels like “home”.

The pictures below provide a feel for what we’ve been up to.

Yes, I know, life is tough…

Thanks Gibb!!


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  1. Looks terrible! We miss you, are you hoem at all over Christmas? What’s the 2017 plan, still travelling?X


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