It’s Raining Mud!!


Today, Deb was confused to see me standing in the pouring rain, with a hose in my hand, spraying off the boat.  I can understand why someone would be confused by that visual, but this rain was no ordinary rain.  This rain was carrying dust from the Sahara and dumping it all over my boat!

According to Wikipedia, 

Rain dust or snow dust, traditionally known as muddy rain, red rain, or coloured rain, is a variety of rain (or any other form of precipitation) which contains enough desert dust for the dust to be visible without using a microscope.

Rain dust is common in the Western Mediterranean, where the dust supply comes from the atmospheric depressions going through the northern part of North Africa. The main sources of desert dust reach the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands in the form of dust transported by wind or rain from the Western Sahara, Atlas Mountains in Moroccoand Central Algeria.[1]


  1. Sounds like trying to dig a channel in beach sand for a keel to drop into as the tide rises… good luck with that!


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