Badalona: A true Spanish Cabochon

We have decided to winter in Spain this year, and to use Morpheus as our home base from which to travel in Europe.  The boat is docked in Badalona, which is a suburb of Barcelona, only a quick tram ride away from Barcelona.  But, I’ve spent the last few days riding the bike through the town, and it turns out it’s very cool!

This is a true sea side town.  Think Del Mar, with out the surf.  The beaches are great.  Sandy and white.  That’s hard to find in the Med.  A big board walk teaming with families, walking, eating and playing.  And at least 3 different buoy races going on off shore.  There are lots of cool stores, like the store where the older gentleman weaves baskets to your order.  And the wine shop with photos of the owner’s grandfather delivering wine in his horse drawn gypsy wagon.  So cool.  

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