Yes, this is not a place that was ever on my list.

To learn a bit about Albania please check out this interesting link!

Education – Albania

  The EU has some strange tax rules and one of them is that “non-EU” boats can only visit for 18 months before the authorities want to charge you a 24% import duty.  That’s not really strange, what is strange is you just need to take your boat out of the EU for an undefined period of time and then you can turn around re-enter the EU and the boat has a new 18 month grace period!!  I’ve heard that time can be a few hours. We are playing it safe and staying for 48 hours. 

When I figured out that Albania is only 8 miles from Corfu, Greece and is well set up to work through this process it became a no brainier. 

If only it was that easy for non-EU visitors. People only get to visit for 90 days out of a rolling 180 day period. So there is no quick and easy way to reset our 90 day clocks. 

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