Jim was in Greek Coast Guard Jail….

No photo for this one because it all happened so fast….

We are hunkered down in Northenmost Greece, waiting for some weather to blow through tomorrow.  So what does Jim do when there’s 20 knots of wind in the Bay? Jim goes kiting off the back of the boat!   

We are way in the back of the mooring field.  No one behind us.  A mile away from the channel.  Jim gets up and goes kiting for about 5 minutes, when the Coast Guard boat swoops down on us with sirens wailing and two very pissed off Coasties telling him to let go of the kite and get in their boat.  He was right behind Morpheus when this all took place.  Jim talked them into letting him hook the kite to the boat, grab his papers and shoes,  into the Coast Guard boat he jumps and he’s gone.  

Now what?  I’m alone, anchored off on the boat, and they have taken Jim to God knows where. I watch the CG boat to make sure I know which Marina they are going to, then clean up all the lines and kite gear, grab the phones, wallets, and a book, and off I go in the dingy to track down my husband.  This could take all night….

As I’m tying up the dingy to the docks, I look down the pier, and here comes Jim. He’d already gotten himself out of jail.  The Coast Guard said they had received at least 10 calls from boats in the anchorage about Jim kiting. Apparently you are not allowed to kiteboard in the anchorage or in the shipping lane.  Jim explained that he wasn’t in the anchorage and didn’t cross into the shipping lane….  As it turned out, the CG guys were very nice and just explained that there was no kiting here, at all.  When Jim walked in all wet, the guys in the office just laughed and let him go. 

The anchorage will be a lot emptier once we figure out who made those calls….


  1. I think Jim just wanted someone to clean and stow his kiting gear. They have booze in those CG offices for bad weather days and scalawag tourists looking for a few pops.


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