Ita is in Dog Jail!

IMG_4692Don’t worry.  She will be released soon for good behavior.

I’ve left the boat in Lefkas to join Jim in the US.  My last minute routing took me through Iceland, and WOW airlines had no problems taking ESDs, so I was good to go… or so I thought.  I was met by security as I got off the plane.  The airline had no problem flying the dog, but Iceland has a 4 week mandatory quarantine.  If you are just flying through with a dog, they have to be kept in holding here at the airport.  Uggg.  So I left Ita in dog jail overnight and got some sleep.  My 14 hour layover is turning into 15+, so Ita’s not real happy, we will live through our “forced separation”.

P.S.  Iceland is a funny country.  75% of the people are BLOND… like white blond, and TALL.  The men are all 6’3″.  Everyone who’s working is under 30 y/o.





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