What’s different?


Plans change.   Jim had to jump on a plane back to the US a couple days ago.  Unfortunately, his mom was admitted to the hospital, but she is getting better slowly.   He wanted to be there with her, so he left Morpheus and me in a protected little harbor, and we arranged for a professional skipper to help me get the boat 150 miles to a good Marina where we will be safe while he’s in the US.  

So meet Grigoris (Greek for Gregory) who has a 7 year old son name Morpheus.   I kid you not.  I couldn’t make this up if I tried.  How perfict.  Grigoris is a professional skipper who is the friend of a friend of a friend, who agreed to help me get the boat to a safe Marina in Lefkas.  So, we are in our way.  

Thank you Diane and Pavlos for helping me out, and Paul and Amanda for being on call!
PS.  7:50 pm.   Anchor down.  Safe!

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