The World’s Smallest Dingy…

Everyone has the quintessential memory of a person or, in this case, of a couple.  The visual memory that pops into your brain when you think of them.  My quintessential memory of our good friends Paul and Amanda Mitchell, who we met back in 2003 at Musket Cove in Figi, is the subject of this post.

Musket Cove Yacht Club had a bar named  the “$2 Bar” when we were there. All us cruiser types would gather at this water front bar and BBQ our dinners, play Patonque, and generally gossip.  (They had a great Palm Tree, called the Whining Tree, where if you had to bitch, you went and talked to the tree.  Christopher used to have kind, detailed conversations with that tree…). I digress.   Anyway, one evening as we are belly up to the bar, we see our friends Paul and Amand dingy-ing in from their boat. Their dingy was so small their routine was to both stand in the dingy, Amanda in front of Paul, with the the throttle arm securely between Pauls knees.  The speed was set at slow forward, and they would steer by putting their arms out and leaning in the direction they wanted to go. It sort of looked like a Hawaiian Hula.   This Hula is my quintessential memory!

Anyway, today I found P&A’s next dingy.


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