Separation Anxiety

Santorini was great.  Very unique and I’m really glad that we made the effort to get there and see the place.  My only issue is that we saw a bit more of it than I had expected.

We (I) had this fabulous plan to check the box and be able to say that we didn’t come all this way only to miss the #1 travel destination in Greece.  It’s still early season right now, so the ferry choices are not what they will be in a few weeks.  My plan was to take the 1030 ferry from Paros, arrive at 1330, take a cab to town, look around and have a drink on one of the cliffside bars overlooking the volcano’s caldera, and then quickly return to the ferry port to catch the 1530 ferry back to Paros.

Would anybody like to guess how that plan went??

Right you are!  We wandered a bit longer than we should have, one drink became two, the restaurant that we were sitting in had an available room for the night and suddenly, we “missed” our ferry.

The winds were calm/non-existent so I wasn’t really worried about Morpheus dragging anchor.  But, leaving her anchored in the middle of a harbor surrounded by others is just not something that I’ve done before and judging by my anxiety level the next morning, I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to do it again.

Ultimately, all was well, but that doesn’t mean it was a good idea!

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  1. No, I can’t imagine my Captain ever allowing that to.happen. In fact we wouldn’t even leave the boat at anchor for the day. All’s well that ends well, I guess, and luckily no surprise wind changes over night. A

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