Back For A Bit More Today

We’ve returned to Golden Beach on the South East corner of Paros. This is an area that we didn’t explore last year and it’s turned out to be very nice.  Apparently, we are not the only ones that feel that way. We have some nice company here.

Winds have really died off today so kitesurfing may not happen. Time to find a good book!!




  1. Just been going through your recent posts . Sounds like you’ve had some weather this week. I find the storm’s help you to appreciate the good weather more. We’ve had a bit of a mixed bag too. All good fun. Bugger about the solar panel though (sad face)


    1. Yes, we’ve enjoyed the past couple of days as the wind has set down and we’ve been tucked up in a very protected harbor. We needed to catch up on some sleep after a couple of nights of rolling what seemed to be from rail to rail!! We really like it here in Paros. We are considering taking a ferry and staying overnight on Santorini. What do you think? Is it worth the effort??


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