Morpheus 14th Birthday

Debbie Here!  A week ago was Morpheus’ 14th birthday.  At dinner last night, Jim and I were reminiscing about everywhere we’ve been, all the experiences we’ve had on her and all the people who have shared her crazy lifestyle with us.  It’s been a pretty amazing journey.  Start with when she was built in NZ, when the boys were 12 and 13 years old.  Now they are 26 and 27.  We worked with Carl to get Jim’s perfect dream boat, and Davie built it so beautifully that to this day we get lookie loos wanting to talk about her.

This waypoint on her journey is Lavrio, Greece, “probably” the easternmost point Jim and I will ever take her.  We’ve sailed over 70,500 thousand miles on her, (the Earth is 24,901, so 2.8 times around the world….) every single one with Jim on board… (except for 2 weeks in Gisborne, NZ with a couple aborted rounding of East Cape, which everyone involved would rather to forget…)  And, I think Ita has finally beaten Mike Wallach for 3rd place with 20,000 miles.

More surprising is that between our first cruise through the South Pacific, all the ocean races Jim has done, all the deliveries back from those races, and this Mediterranean cruise, Morpheus has been Jim and my primary residence for about 7 of the past 14 years.

We bless our lucky stars everyday that we have such wonderful friends and family to share this journey with us.



  1. Congrats and Happy belated Birthday to Morpheus! May you continue to enjoy her and she you in the years and travels ahead! And may you and Jim continue to inspire all of us!! Sail on!


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