St. Moritz

We have arrived in St. Moritz after an amazing train ride through the mountains of Switzerland. 

For once I have to say that the actual journey lived up to and exceeded the marketing hype.  The Glacier Express ride was spectacular!

Hopefully a little later this evening, I will be able to upload some of my new photos and video. 

The picture above is the view from our balcony outside the AirBnB apartment that we are renting. This trip is the first time that we have used AirBnB and I have to say that I am becoming a big fan. Very nice places, usually at half the price of a smaller hotel room. 

St. Moritz seems much more modern and spread out when compared to Zermatt. It has not grabbed me yet, but we shall see. 

Time for a walk….snow tomorrow!!  Deb can’t wait for that…

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