We drove to the Customs Office in the town next to our marina today and now we can’t get back to the boat!!

Torrential rains, followed by a tornado!!

(It never happens here according to the locals).

Olympic Marina 031Trees down blocking the road back to Morpheus.

It looks like 4-5 sailboats in the local dry storage blown over. Morpheus is still in the water around the corner from this picture.   We think she is probably fine, but not being able to get back is driving me a bit crazy.

This is exactly the sort of things that I tried to teach my kids not to do.  Like an idiot I stood in the middle of the road filming the tornado…

Keep your fingers crossed…..

Update:  We made it back to the boat after driving every backroad in town unsuccessfully looking for an alternative route between the two towns.  The only road was blocked by two downed trees and a bunch of building parts.  We sat in traffic until I couldn’t take it anymore and started walking/running.  Of course as soon as I entered Marina property Deb drove up along side!!  Morpheus is fine, and while the road between is littered with those large pieces of buildings, and trees that were blown down, our Marina looks like nothing ever happened!



  1. What kind of a kite were you flying, 1.5 or did you go to the shy kite? In those kinds of winds I guess you can do 6-7 gybes in front of it before you have to bail out, right?

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