A great visit with Diane & Mano!

It’s funny how small this world has become.  Last week I visited Turkey with my Danville next door neighbors Caroline and Chris, but due to flight and ferry schedules, I had to overnight in Athens to make my connections.

I remembered that a friend of mine was scheduled to be in Athens, so I drop her an email, and “poof”, we make plans to see each other, which then developed into Diane and her husband Mano taking the ferry back to the boat with me to Kea and spending 3 days visiting with Jim and I.  The very 1st of my “Children’s Hospital Bacti Bitties” to join me on the boat!  I had a wonderful time at their lovely home just outside Athens, then the 4 of us had a great time swimming, sailing and driving around Kea.

Thanks Diane and Mano for a great time!

  • Deb

PS>  Jim here.  What Deb doesn’t mention is that we have been in constant contact with Diane for the past three months while touring Greece.  She and her husband visit Greece each year, and have spent many years living in Greece full time.  Diane has been our MVP tour guide from the moment we hit Corfu.  She talked us into visiting Delphi (thank goodness!), she talked us into visiting Poros and several neighboring islands, she put us in touch with a local captain who helped us find a place to keep Morpheus over the Winter.  You get the picture.  Thank you Diane!!!

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