Where am I now….

It’s 2 am, so I must be in….Athens!!!!  How did I get here?  Why am I here?  Good questions…

I am off to meet my British Danville neighbors, Chris and Caroline Longstaffe,  in Sirince, Turkey.  We’ve all managed to run into each other in every other corner of the world… why not Turkey?

So, I jumped on a ferry this evening from Paros to Athens, with about 44 minutes of planning.  (I was planning on taking a ferry tomorrow, but the connections didn’t work out). I packed my bag in 5 minutes, (I forgot my PJs, but i have a toothbrush)  then took a 5 hour ferry to Piraeus, and a 20 minute, €8.02 uber to my really nice hotel.  I can’t tell you how nice it was to lie down and order room service!

The plan is, (yes, I know God is laughing) tomorrow, after touring the Acropolis museum, I fly to Turkey to meet my friends the following day.  Again, connections are not working.

I’ll keep you posted.



(aka Deb)

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