Sifnos Island, Greece – Checking In

Sifnos Jim (1)

We’ve enjoyed a couple of lazy days here on Sifnos.  The last couple days have been spent harbor hopping from one spot to another.  Deb’s ankle is getting better (slowly).  She’s not moving much, but she does have plenty of reading material so she’s just fine.

Yesterday, we arrived in a very protected harbor surrounding a small town called Vathy.  This place is beautiful and until a couple of years ago only reachable via boat.  Now there is  a road that ends in a parking lot on the edge of town.  I guess this was a compromise for the residents that didn’t want a road at all since it does not actually come into town?

Vathy, SifnosAnyway, we continue to be amazed by how quiet it has become this month and how significantly the weather has changed in the past week.  We’ve seen this the last couple of seasons.  No rain for months and months, and then one storm manages to make its way into the area and after that, all bets are off.  Welcome to Fall!!

We sat on the beach yesterday and enjoyed another great sunset.  I’ll share some of those pictures below…

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