IOS Island – On the way to Santorini

No Apple does not own this island.  IOS is the name, not an acronym!

When we left Paros Island,  we thought we’d make an overnight stop on Ios to split the trip to Santorini in half.

Actually, given all that we have read about how difficult it is to anchor your boat at Santorini, we were half hoping to catch a ferry between Ios and Santorini to do a day trip visit and return.

We extended our stay on Ios by a day after seeing some very negative weather forecasts.

We enjoyed exploring the local beaches and the main town built well up on a hill above the harbor.  There are over 300 churches on Ios, we saw a few along the way.  Some so small that I’m pretty sure only 5-10 people could fit at any one time.

Meanwhile, the weather made a huge transition from Summer Meltami Northerly winds, to a Winter pattern that involves low pressure systems rolling by to our South sending strong winds, rain, and thunderstorms our way.  (I loved the rain as Morpheus really was in need to a good rinse.  We have not been in a marina since Italy!!)


It was a good visit.  But, when we woke up the next morning with the boat rolling almost hard enough to throw us out of bed, it was time to look for a protected harbor, and the best we could come up with was a u-turn back to Paros!!

While we enjoyed a nice visit to Ios, our plans for Santorini just didn’t work out.  People say that you should always leave something undone in an effort to encourage a return in the future.  I suppose for now, Santorini is our “one thing”.

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