Emily and Bret Heading Back Home

Emily and Bret are troupers!!  Luckily Emily grew up sailing and understands that while hanging out on the same island for a week isn’t perfect, it is better than going out sailing when the conditions are unfavorable.

We managed to make the best of it this week.  Between their ferry tour of other islands and our renting a car to tour this island we managed to stay busy every day.  I, of course, was happy to be “stuck” and kitesurfing filled my days just fine.

These were our last guests of the season, but our neighbors Chris and Caroline Longstaffe are next on the agenda for visits.  They arrive in Turkey on October 8th, and we hope to get to Santorini and then at least half way North towards our winter destination near Athens by then.  If we can find a good safe place to leave the boat we’ll both take a ferry over to Turkey for a few days to a week.  Otherwise, I’ll stay with the boat and Deb will visit.

Never dull around here…

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