Corinth Canal 083This morning, as we are approaching the Corinth Canal, I lovingly go up to my husband and say, “I am not nagging, and I’m not scared, but can you please make sure we have enough gas in the tank we are currently drawing from to make it all the way through the canal?  It would be just like Murphy to have us run out in the middle.”

I get “The Look”.   Ladies, you know the one….

3 hours later in the abso&)@$@@)&;lutely  middle of the canal, the engine starts to sputter.  “Debbie.  Get back here.  Steer straight down the middle of the canal!”   (Like there’s anywhere else to go on a 15 foot wide boat in a 25 ft wide canal…). Jim runs forward,(rrrr, sputter,rrrr)  grabs a gas can, (sputter), starts pouring diesel into the tank, (sput, sput) pours more diesel (sput, rrrrrr, sputter, RRRRRRR).   Jim looks at me with a shit eating grin…..

What can I say.  He’s mine. I love him. I can’t beat him.  But, Jim.  Check the checking account.  I have transferred $100 each into Chris and Pat’s accounts!


  1. This is very funny but this scenario is one of a kind. How was the Strait btw? Meow many boats can sail through?

    Are the $100 deposits related to this somehow?


    1. The Corinth Canal is a dead straight canal 3.2 miles long and goes through a cut 79 meters high. It’s so narrow boats go in one direction at a time. It’s very cool. The $100 is because whenever Jim used to run out of gas in the car with the kids, he would have to deposit $100 into their college accounts. Due to my recent experiences with Jim of “almost” running out of gas, I have reinstated the rule.


      1. I believe that you are being exceedingly generous in both your application of this “rule”, and your definition of the event that triggered its application.

        1-I never actually agreed to your financial terms. I just stopped running out of gas so we didn’t have to argue about it.
        2-we did not technically run out of gas today. We simply were very low for a short period of time. Also, to be even more technical we are talking about diesel not gas. And, your “rule” was all about gas.
        3- Finally, our children are no longer in college, and therefore no longer have college accounts. That means you are simply funding their “beer accounts”.


  2. Very funny exchange.. cant imagine what it was like negotiating with you in business.
    I second Keith in that pictures of the canal from your perspective would be great.


  3. At the point he brought up, “to be even more technical we are talking about diesel not gas,” International Law allows you to beat him. 😉


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