ithaca Greek Island Holiday. Greece Vacations

Yesterday, we left Lefkada (finally) and headed South towards Itaca.

Along the way, we motorsailed past Skorpios, the island previously owned by Aristotle Onnasis.  As we poked our bow in to take a look, we were soon greeted by a friendly but serious security guare who let us know that we could not proceed beyond a set of yellow buoys surrounding the island.  No problem, we were not that interested anyway.

Onwards to Ithaca!

Talk about ancient history.  Ithaca (supposedly the home of Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey) was first settled during the late Bronze Ages by the Myceneans around 1500-1100 B.C. It is these people who are celebrated by Homer in the Iliad and even more in the Odyssey.

We dropped anchor in the main harbor of Vathy, a well protected harbor surrounded by a very nice and very busy village.

(see pictures below)

Today we are off for Kefalonia just to our West.


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