What Crisis??

Deb and I are really enjoying Greece!

And, that is very good because I thought for a bit that I was losing her back in Sicily.  Sicily was a bit of a challenge as there was a real lack of protected harbors, all of the infrastructure is set up to support “land based tourism” which presents a few challenges, and honestly the people that we ran into did not seem very friendly. (I’m being generous here.)

Greece is 100% different. If there are 1,000 islands, then there are 10,000 harbors to choose from, and two out of three have at least one grocery store and a “Taverna”.

People are incredibly friendly and helpful. Supplies are both easy to come by and remarkably affordable. Diesel is almost half the price that we paid in Sicily. Dinner for two cost us 22 euros two nights ago, and we did not go home hungry!!

So far our biggest concern is that with all the options available to us, we are worried that we will miss something great.

Perhaps as we make our way closer to Athens we will see some impact from the “crisis” but for now everyone is happy and doing well.

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