Corfu & Carbon Paper

Despite the fact that Greece is part of the EU (at least for now), things are different here.

We’ve spent the better part of the last three days in and around Corfu Town touring the Citadel and Old Town, while trying to understand and satisfy the requirements for entry via boat.

We studied the laws prior to arrival and thought we knew what needed to be done. It turns out that much of that study time was wasted.  It seems that immigration and customs laws here are really more like guidelines.

We spent two days bouncing around between the Port Authority, the Customs Office, and Port Police.  All in an effort to purchase the required Transit Log Document that we must carry onboard while visiting Greece.

I guess they don’t see all that many boats registered outside of the EU, so we are a bit of a special case.

 When we finally sat down with a friendly customs official to fill out the paperwork, he pulled out three forms and two pieces of carbon paper!!  Carbon paper!

The last time we saw that was somewhere way off the beaten track in Tonga!  I’m beginning to figure this Greek Crisis thing out a little bit.

Now that I have the all important Transit Log, I’m not really sure what to do with it.   Until last year, you were required to obtain a stamp from the port police office in every harbor you visited. Now the officials explained to me that I need to carry it onboard and get a stamp when convenient. Don’t worry while at anchor, and no big deal when in a marina although it would be a good idea???

All I do know is that when we leave our last port in Greece I need to turn it in to the port police.

Maybe I’ll get it stamped there??

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